Today we make a discussion over Scarlett Johansson plastic surgery. Nowadays, a large number of the Hollywood stars are in circulation of rumors regarding their always controversial plastic surgeries.

Scarlett Johansson case is not very different from most of the other Hollywood celebrities. Because nowadays a great number of people have begun gossiping about her possible beauty cosmetic surgery.

As she is becoming more popular because of her superhero role in the series of “The Avengers” and more rumors are out about her. Sometimes it is in form of nose job and sometimes in form of breast augmentation.

Why Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery isn’t a Normal One?

Among the many well-known actress who have invested much on their plastic surgeries. Scarlett Johansson should consider her really fortunate. The reason to this is that she is one of the few female celebrities who had a perfect plastic surgery treatment. Her looks are so graceful and elegant that one can’t do anything else but just look at it and appreciate.

scarlett johansson plastic surgery

Scarlett Johansson Rhinoplasty Surgery Controversy:

Has Scarlett Johansson had a rhinoplasty surgery? Upon giving it a close inspection you may notice that she has a much wider nose bridge. And much more swollen tip in her before photos. There is no doubt that she has a completely different look now. But the question is that is it a creation of an experienced surgeon or it’s a natural change?

US Magazine Allegation on Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery:

In 2007 Scarlett Johansson sued a top US magazine for the reason that they showed her 2 different photos on their magazine cover. Which demonstrated that she might have had rhinoplasty surgery.

scarlett johansson nose job

Under the photos, the magazine has a saying quote from the American actress: “I certainly believe in plastic surgery. I don’t want to look like an old hag. There’s absolutely no fun in that.” Overall, we think that Scarlett’s nose looks quite adorable for her face. What do you think about her controversial Rhinoplasty? Has she undergone it or not?

Scarlett Johansson Before and After Nose Job:

The changes in Scarlett Johansson’s nose seems to be quite subtle. In fact, there is almost no chance that you can figure out these changes. After comparing the below before and after photos.

scarlett johansson rhinoplasty surgery before and after

However, an eager and sharp eye can spot these slight differences in her nose that is alleged to be the results of nose job. If you see the before photo with focus, you will notice that her nose seemed quite blunter and bigger at the tip back then.But if you see her today, her nose looks to be more pointed and much slimmer than ever before.

Actually, there was no wrong with her nose before. Maybe she was pressured to get the standard female celebrity nose. But thankfully her nose job treatment has ended perfectly well for her.

If both her current nose and the old one in the picture are compared then you will get to know that Scarlett Johansson’s nose is completely natural. Also it doesn’t look artificial or fake at all.


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