Famous American producer and actress Sarah Jessica Parker was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, on March 25, 1965. She was fourth of the eight children that her parents had, Parker grew up in a family that is struggling from poverty.

It was 1982, when Sarah Jessica Parker became popular among TV viewers as an adorable geek in her starring role which she has done in the sitcom “Square Pegs”. Soon after, she was joined further by many other celebrities with her supporting roles in the 1984 super hit Hollywood movie “Footloose”.

Sarah Jessica Parker Early Life and Career:

In that following year, Sarah had been starred alongside Helen Hunt. Who was very at that time in “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” video song. In the mid 90’s Sarah had been seen in a handful of supporting roles in movies likes “Miami Rhapsody (1995), Mars Attacks and The First Wives Club (Both were released in 1996).

Her onstage work was better received that include Sylvia. Parker also landed in the starring role of New York sex columnist on the HBO series Sex and the City. Parker had won more than one Golden Globe awards for her performance in the show in early 2000. Which earned her both praise and steady employment from the fashion and film world.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Rumors:

Being among one of the most popular celebrity that people want to watch on their screen. It is quite difficult for Sarah Jessica to stay away from cosmetic surgery rumors and gossips.

sarah jessica parker plastic surgery

Many people think that the secret behind her flawless appeal and stunning personality is some plastic surgery. Through which she possibly had undergone. From her nose to her forehead there is countless scan about her face and body.

But as far as Sarah Jessica Parker herself is concerned, she has never revealed anything about her cosmetic surgeries.

Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery: Nose Job Before and After

Sarah Jessica Parker has been a victim of countless cosmetic surgeries. Ever since the time when she was first introduced in the world of Hollywood. According to some reliable reports, the star actress has possibly undergone a nose job treatment.

sarah jessica parker nose job

Many of her before and after images that are circulating online clearly shows that her nose has transformed a lot. Many people also noticed that her nose has appeared to be much smaller and her nose bridge has become much thinner, which may be a possible result of nose job.

Sarah Jessica Botox Injections:

Sarah Jessica Parker has grown with the time and is now 51 years old but still she make an appearance her face looks totally flawless. Her face skin appears to be as fresh.

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But more importantly Sarah looks quite unnatural and unusual with her old face. While giving an interview to a magazine some time ago, Sarah Jessica Parker stated that:

“I’ve had no collagen, no Botox, nothing absolutely. I have some lines, but if few of my peers were not having things done then I would not think about it.”


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