Rihanna is considered to be the most popular and hottest American female singer in recent times. Apart from her amazing and magical voice, she now is been taken as a trend symbol “Go To” for millions of females of America and around the world.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Rumors:

This is because of her attractive face as well as for her sizzling body. Just like many other popular celebrities, Rihanna has always been a topic of rumor and gossips among her fans and also among other common people.

This is because most of the people and fans think that Rihanna had undergone plastic surgeries to make herself look damn good.

Rihanna Nose Job and Breast Implant Rumor:

From nose job and breast implants to forehead surgery. There has been many news suggesting that the American female singer has went gone under the knife to give herself a flawless look.

There are also some rumors about Rihanna’s eyes that is the reason why her eyes looks so different and beautiful. Still there are not enough evidences which prove that if she has had undergone any such surgeries or not. But one thing is for sure that both her new songs and look is driving the world totally crazy.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery: Before and After Nose Job

Rihanna is neither an African nor an American. But she possess a wide and large noise just like many other dark skin and ebony people who born in Caribbean islands. If you closely at the below two images. You will notice that her nose was used to be quite bulky.

rihanna plastic surgery nose job

While her nasal bridge was flat in the “before” image If you compare it with the “after” image, you will observe that nose bridge is more narrowed and refined. This may be an evidence that Rihanna had a nose job surgery.

Rihanna Forehead Reduction Surgery:

All those people who see Rihanna in real life or on screen knows that she has a big forehead. Due to her big forehead it seems that she has gotten forehead implant in there.

rihanna forehead reduction surgery

But as far as the reality is concerned, the rumor that she had forehead reduction surgery is somehow wrong. The reason to this is that she had a big forehead ever since from her birth and childhood.

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Still some people think that she had a forehead reduction surgery in the early stage of her career, but failed to prove that.

Rihanna Eye-Color Surgery:

Rihanna’s eyes are one of the mesmerizing feature of her captivating personality. The reason behind the popularity of her eyes is that they are green with light blue texture in them.

rihanna eye surgery

We not very often see a black women having light colored eyes. That’s why there is a popular rumor that she had an eye surgery to change her eye color. But there is no truth in that at all because she wears eyes lenses of different color shades which confuses the people about her eye color.


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