Nicole Kidman is one of the most well-known and respectable Hollywood actresses. For those who followed her from the very beginning know that she started her career as an Australian film star.

It happened just a few years after that she rose to International fame through Hollywood. The Hollywood actress has always been in the gossips and rumors about her plastic surgeries to sustain her youth and to enhance her beauty with the age.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery: What Change did She Get?

Many of Nicole Kidman’s fans have noticed various changes in her face which is obviously not natural. Some of them say that she had lip augmentation, some nose job. And some of them even say that she had facelift surgery in order to keep herself maintain, pretty and young.

nicole kidman plastic surgery

Nicole Kidman has never admitted that she had cosmetic surgeries. Saying that everything about her beauty is natural. But apart from her statement everyone, even her genuine fans and supporters are agree that there is a massive change in her face.

Especially in her forehead, lips and cheeks. So to know the truth we need to go through some of her transformations through the years.

Nicole Kidman Plastic Surgery Confession:

After denying for so many years that she never had a plastic surgery. Nicole Kidman in 2011 while giving an interview finally conceded that she is using Botox injections. She also mentioned in the interview that she didn’t like the way her face appears.

nicole kidman lip injections and botox

After her confession of plastic surgeries. She in 2012 went on to become the brand ambassador for “Swisse”. Where she around the world ran different campaigns. Promoting the importance and essentials of good women inner health.

Even when age is not on Nicole’s side, she still is one of the most beautiful and talented actress in Hollywood with a fit body to date.

Nicole Kidman Lip Augmentation Before and After:

2007 and 2008 were the most defaming years of Nicole Kidman’s career because of her plastic surgeries rumors.

That was the time when most of the media as well as popular celebrities and cosmetic surgeons have started to make rumors about her possible lip augmentation surgery.

nicole kidman facelift

Which causes a great transformation of her lips which may be either due to the use of dermal fillers or Botox injections.

The above two images show that what becomes so wrong that makes it a topic of such a popular gossip.

Nicole Kidman Facelift Surgery:

While Nicole Kidman’s face looks both puffed and swollen in both of the above pictures, you can easily observe that in the “after” image her face skin seems to be much swollen. This major change in her face has not gone unnoticed.

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Actually it clearly describes that Nicole has surely undergone a facelift surgery in order to make her face look much fuller and beautiful. Like many other different parts and sections of her body.



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