No doubt, Michael Jackson is in the list of legends that lives forever in the heart of their fans. Although some aspects of his life are weird. One of the most unusual things is the Michael Jackson plastic surgery that he had undergone for his face.

He also had many other surgeries like jawline, nose, and eyes. One of his major surgeon, Dr. Wallace Goodstein said that he had 10 to 12 surgeries in two years. Just after when he first appeared as a lead singer in 1964.

Why Did Michael Jackson Go through so Much Plastic Surgeries?

Some analysts said that he had intense intellectual issues no matter what he did to his face. He becomes so unsatisfied with himself that he ended up looking anything like the individual he was used to be in his childhood.

michael jackson plastic surgery before and after

Difficult Time In Michael Jackson’s Life Before Plastic Surgery:

The attitude of his father towards Michael was not so good. And he always felt distress by his father that gives a mental scare to him in his childhood. It is a common perception about him that a lot of his problems have been caused from adolescence abuse.

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Also, it was just after the huge success of 1983’s music album “Thriller” that Jackson’s transformation became way more than an artistic statement. In the mage hit “thriller” song video, Michael Jackson transforms from a man to a werewolf.

A man to a zombie and then back to a man. Some people think that he was using the story to view the real-life drama of transformation to come.

Michael Jackson Before Plastic Surgery and After Botox:

Many Dermatologists also said that Michael Jackson before plastic surgery probably had undergone some Botox injections for his forehead and eyes. Also his chin seems to be quite squared off.

michael jackson before and after nose job

It is also rumored that he also used Hydroquinone compound which is not legal in USA. He used it in order to lighten his skin and had tattooed eyeliner and eyebrows.

Michael Jackson After Nose Job:

Many of the Michael Jackson fans had serious concerns regarding his nose which had been transformed multiple times during his career. Many rumors had been floated in public, taking his possible nose job issue.

michael jackson before plastic surgery

A popular incident happened once when he had been showed up to testify as a defendant in a violation of contract case in Santa Maria’s court with a swollen face. Which also has a quite discolored and scarred nose. Also his upper had appeared to be covered with blisters or scabs.

Media photos revealed that the famous pop star’s face had a pointed and collapsed nose. Just after this photo was revealed, many prominent plastic surgeons evaluated the possible reasons of that unusual look of Michael Jackson’s nose.

Last Words About Michael Jackson Plastic Surgery:

No matter what may be the truth but it is quite clear that he definitely had gone under many facial plastic surgeries. Still, many people don’t understand that why he did so, to enhance his beauty or was it something else?


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