Meghan Markle, who now is also known as the Duchess of Sussex and the better half of the Duke of Sussex Prince Harry, grew up in a multiracial family. Her father is a Caucasian while her mother is an African American women. From her teenage Meghan knew that she looks a lot different from most of the people of her race and age, even without having any plastic surgery.

Meghan Markle Nose Job: Why did it happen?

The former “Suits” actress, who might have undergone a nose job to assist her career, starred for 7 seasons in popular TV show “Suits”. She had attended an all-girls Catholic institution which is in Los Angeles. It is revealed that in an essay she wrote for Elle in the year 2015 that her big round eyes, curly hair, light skin and freckled face made her stand out among all her schoolmates.

Meghan Markle Rhinoplasty Rumors:

As a soon as she becomes duchess, Meghan Markle has been influencing the mainstream fashion trends. From berets to coats and to mismatched earrings, every women and even their moms want to be like the 36-year-old duchess. Even her outfits sell out regularly within a few hours of her wearing them. But her closets are not the only thing that is affecting and inspiring the public.

meghan markle rhinoplasty before and after

What Famous Cosmetic Surgeon told About Megan Markle Nose Job?

According to the cosmetic surgeons her nose is another thing that is making people crazy. A well-known cosmetic surgeon in Washington D.C., Dr. Michael Somenek had an interview with NBC in which he revealed the secret that Megan Markle had a nose job.

meghan markle nose job

According to Michael Somenek, he saw that the plastic surgery trend was in flourishing after Meghan announced that she is getting engaged to Prince Harry. Soon after this many patients arrived in asking for nose job surgeries to match her nose.

Meghan Markle Nose Job Surgery Before and After:

Professionals assumed that if Meghan Markle had some work done on her nose. Then the procedure that is also commonly known as Rhinoplasty was quite downplay. And could probably go unnoticed to a normal eye. If you Compare Meghan Markle’s nose in these 2 photos. You will definitely notice a slight difference between the two images.

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Even the nose tip of Meghan appeared to be more turned up in the most recent picture of hers. Her nasal bridge also appeared to be much narrower as compared to one when she was young. Even though we are not eliminating the fact that these changes in her nose might be a result of some high-quality makeup techniques.

Fortuitously, following her appointment as a royal family member. Her nose has now become one of the most demanded Rhinoplasty requirement among all plastic surgeons. A great number of women apparently love the way in which Meghan’s nose had been treated. But still, while her nose has a well-refined structure, it also has its own imperfections as well.


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