Jennifer Lopez nowadays is not only famous because of her popular songs but also for her perfect and glamorous look. If we will tell you that the American singer, actress and dancer was not always the same as she is right now.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery Rumors:

Before taking a start of her career as a professional singer and before coming into the Hollywood. She looked so different that people wondered that Jennifer Lopez plastic surgery news is true. There are many gossips and rumors about her that she might have undergone a nose job or facelift surgery to enhance her look.

Did Jennifer Lopez Admit it that she Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Apart from all these rumors and gossips. Jennifer Lopez herself has never admitted that she adopted any kind of cosmetic enhancement. In fact, the American star in 2013 confronted her cosmetic surgeon, who later revealed on Twitter that she uses face fillers and Botox to enhance her beautiful image.

jennifer lopez plastic surgery nose job

That is the reason why most of the people wonder that how she managed to maintain herself young, appealing and hot for almost more than 3 decades. Definitely she knows that how to keep herself in business with the increasing age. Take a look at some of her body transformations through the years.

Jennifer Lopez Nose Job Before and After:

Most of the fans of Jennifer Lopez believe that she had undergone a Rhinoplasty surgery to transform her nose look sharp and thick. If you see with focus on the above two images, you will notice that her nose looks little thick in the left image which is of her initial days.

jennifer lopez nose job

If you compare the right image to the left image, you will clearly notice that in the right image her nose seems to be a sharply pointed nose tip and is also thinner than the previous one. This reveals us that Jennifer Lopez has definitely undergone a minor nose job.

Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery: Facelift

The thing that Jennifer Lopez has undergone a facelift is clearly noticeable, unlike her nose job. The reason to this is that there is a clean and clear difference in her face then and now. Jennifer’s Dermatologist also revealed a few year back that she had used Botox to lift her eyebrows.

jennifer lopez facelift

Not only this, she also had used fillers to makes her cheeks look more obvious when she smiles. Many people thinks that she had used Botox to remove the wrinkles on her face which becomes clearer with her age.

Jennifer Lopez Lip Injections:

Without any doubt Jennifer Lopez has got a great smile, probably one of the best in Showbiz. But the secret to her beautiful smile and defined mouth shape are the result of lip injection.

jennifer lopez lip injections

Many cosmetic experts also have to say that Jennifer Lopez’s teeth have also enhanced and treated with great whitening techniques. So that she would always be ready to face camera with her pearly and white teeth.


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