Jennifer Aniston is surely one of the most popular and top paid actresses in USA. The overwhelming popularity of Jennifer Aniston is because of the beauty and charm that she possess in her personality. Due to this reason, most of the people believe that she had undergone many plastic surgeries to make her look more attractive and enhanced.

Ever since her casting as Rachel Green in the main role of famous comedy TV serial FRIENDS, her career as a successful actress has touched new heights. But as soon as she appeared in the international stage arena, more and more rumors have started to rise about her body and face.

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery:

From nose job to chin surgery and breast implants, the rumors have never ended for Jennifer. These voices have started to become even louder in past couple of years. As the gossip has it that she has been visiting a beauty cosmetic surgeon secretly, to make herself look younger. So let’s find out to what extent these gossips and rumors about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery is true.

jennifer aniston plastic surgery

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job:

Most of the Jennifer Aniston followers believe that she has a Rhinoplasty to make her nose appearance thicker. If you focus on the above image, you will see that her nose look quite thick in the before image. Comparing that before image to the after image, you will realize that her nose appears to be a lot thinner with a sharply pointed nose tip. This shows us that she has undergone through a minor nose job.

jennifer aniston nose job

Jennifer Aniston Plastic Surgery: Chin Augmentation

The chin of Jennifer Aniston has always been the most distinguishing feature of her face which defines her overall personality. That is the main reason why the majority of her fans believe that she had a chin surgery before hitting the screen’s big time. After seeing the comparison between the above two images, it is now clear that she actually had a chin surgery to make her chin look thinner.

jennifer aniston chin augmentation

Jennifer Aniston Facelift:

While Jennifer Anniston’s face looks puffed and plumper in both of the above images. You can easily say that in the after image her face skin appears to be much tighter. This change in her facial appearance clearly tells us that she has definitely undergone a facelift surgery. In order to tighten the different sections and parts of her face.

jennifer aniston facelift

Jennifer Aniston Boob Job:

Jennifer Anniston’s breasts have been under serious concerns for a number of years. The reason behind this is some critics that think her breasts look completely unoriginal and are fake. If you see the above two images, you will notice a clear big difference. The first image shows Jennifer Aniston’s flatter chest, while the other picture shows exactly the opposite of it. This clearly describes that she had a boob job surgery to increase her breast size.



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