The American president Donald Trump nowadays has become a popular topic of news for the mainstream media. Not only for his political activities but shockingly also for his appearances that he make in public. These days, Donald Trump plastic surgery rumors are being popular among his followers and opponents.

His orange bleached hair signature hairstyle is persistently trending on the social media and people are taking it as a source of sarcasm. A latest report has also revealed that it is not ended up to him, even his daughter Ivanka Trump often makes fun of his orange color hairstyle.

Donald Trump Plastic Surgery Rumor:

Like many other popular public figures and celebrities in America. Donald Trump has also been a victim of rumors and gossips. That are circulating in public circles regarding his plastic surgeries. These gossips and rumors have started to become much louder after he becomes the 45th president of America in 2016.

Donald Trump Plastic surgery

The most popular rumor about him is that he had undergone many plastic surgeries to enhance his appearance and to make himself look younger. Let’s find out that how much these rumors about Donald Trump’s plastic surgeries are true.

Donald Trump Hair Scalp Reduction Surgery:

According to the latest report in New York Magazine’s newly released book “Fire and Fury” it is revealed that inside the White House. Ivanka Trump used to talk about her father’s signature hairdo with her friends. The book also revealed that Ivanka even told her friends that the American President has undergone a hair scalp reduction surgery to maintain his thinning hair.

donald trump hair scalp reduction surgery

For all those people who are not familiar with this procedure, it’s a process which involves removing the bald part of the scalp which is at the top of the head. After that stitching together the nearby hair filled skin edges.

Donald Trump Before and After His Hair Surgery:

This hair scalp removal surgery may work in theories. But still, the American Hair Loss Association terms it a “procedure to avoid”. Claiming that it is disfiguring and barbaric. Although, a famous facial plastic surgeon from New York, Benjamin Paul is not of the belief that Donald Trump had that traditional scalp-reduction surgery which the book claimed he had undergone. Rather he tried something totally different than that.

donald trump plastic surgery before and after

According to him “It is plausible that he had a rotational flap which is also called a Juri flap. In which the side hair is revolved toward the hairline central”. The above two images clearly defines a great difference in Trump’s hair.


Even though many of us ever may not be able to know the truth. That either Donald Trump has ever undergone a hair scalp reduction surgery or not. But there are certain possibilities in the rumors about Donald Trump plastic surgery that’s for sure.


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