Cindy Crawford is one of the most popular American actress and model. She has been in the modeling field for a great amount of time and was considered to be among the original 5 supermodels. She is also very famous for her relation with veteran American actor Richard Gere and for being one of the most attractive and beautiful women in the world.

It’s been a really long time since when she had quit her career. Today, we are here to find out that how she is handling her aging. And to what extent Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery rumors are true.

Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before & After:

If you look at her current pictures, you would notice that she doesn’t reflect her actual age. This is due to the reason that Cindy with her smooth and nearly wrinkle-free skin still radiates her youth. Her forehead is shockingly free from all kind wrinkles even when she is age 52 years. This might be because of a possible facelift surgery.

cindy crawford plastic surgery

Cindy Crawford Facelift & Botox Injections:

It’s a popular rumor that she has been getting Botox injections regularly to get rid of sagging skin and wrinkles for as much long time as possible. Anyone can say that she has been using them for a long time because her forehead is quite tight.

cindy crawford facelift

Botox injections are also evident since she has no fine lines or wrinkles on her face. These cosmetic surgeries has definitely helped her to retain her youth for as long as possible. Due to this reason, it seems like that she is in her early 40s and not in her 50s.

Cindy Crawford Cheek Fillers:

Usually, aged women lose the vibrancy and plumpness of their face in the cheek area especially. To tackle this undesirable problem, Cindy Crawford had used cheek fillers. Now you can easily make the assessment that she got those fillers because her cheeks are robust and plumper than ever.

cindy crawford nosejob

Did Cindy Undergo Eye Surgery or Eye-brow Lifts?

To look more radiant and to revive her youth, Cindy Crawford also got a surgery to get rid of her under eye’s bags. Because they were becoming apparent with her age, it is quite possible that she got them removed.

It also seems that she has gotten some kind of eyelid surgery to enhance the beauty of her eyes. It seems like that she had removed some tissues and fats from the area that are around her eyes to facility the crow’s feet.

Cindy Crawford Nose Job Surgery:

There have also been many rumor that Cindy Crawford has undergone a nose job a long way back when she was young. Observing her before and after photos carefully it is quite clear that there is definitely something wrong with her nose.

When Cindy was younger, she had a bulbous nose with a large nose bridge. It happened after when she gained fame as a model that her nose became sharp and straight just like an ideal nose. This proves that Cindy Crawford plastic surgery and nose job was real when she was young.



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