About a decade ago, Ariana Grande was just a young actress from Florida who had been struggling for a major breakthrough in film industry. From her short spells on Broadway to her shows on Nickelodeon TV network, the American singer story of fame seems to be like a classic of storybook.

Early Life of Ariana Grande Before Her Plastic Surgery:

She always thinks of big dreams and want to turn those dreams into reality. The acting career of Ariana might not have gone the way as she herself planned for it. Still, she has risen to great heights of fame that one can only imagine for. All thanks to her music videos which made her a popular music superstar overnight. The popular American star singer has sung one hit after another, with famous high rated songs like “Bang Bang”, “Love Me Harder” and “Put Your Hearts Up”.

Ariana Grande Plastic Surgery Controversies:

As she has risen to fame and popularity, many rumors and gossips have started against Ariana regarding her plastic surgery. Ariana’s appearance has changed drastically during her 10 years in the limelight. From nose jobs and eye surgery to lip fillers, it is quite easy to conclude the reason that why there are so many rumors about her body and face enhancements.

She has been god gifted with a soulful and versatile voice that people can’t figure out that what is real and what is fake about her attractive appearance. Especially when she hardly goes out from her home without makeup which makes her look pristine perfect.

Ariana Grande Before and After Nose Job:

In her young days, Ariana Grande had a bigger and wider tip nose. Nowadays, however her shape of nose appears to be thin and pointy, as shown in this photo.

ariana grande plastic surgery before and after

The obvious changes in Ariana’s nose have allowed her fans to speculate that the she had Rhinoplasty. Any could spot the huge difference between her nasal bridge back then and what it seems now. Ariana however, has never talked about her nose job even though the improvement is noticeable. If the rumors about her possible nose job is true. Then all credit needs to be given her doctor as he did a really good job.

Ariana Grande Before and After Lip Injections:

It is also a great rumor in public that Ariana Grande had used lip injections in her “Dangerous Woman” music video. It made her look much more like a vixen which suited the image that she was going for in that particular song’s release.

ariana grande before and after lip injections

If you compare her old lips with the new one. You will definitely exclaim that it’s her duplicate. Because Ariana has a completely different look in fashion magazines. However, according to many professional cosmetic surgeons the change in her shape of mouth isn’t because of any lip fillers but because of her makeup. Ariana also loves to use lip gloss over her lipstick, to give her pucker a chubby look.



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